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cool picture hedgehog

Elena Eremina – amateur photographer from St. Petersburg. Her extremely cute hamsters and mice have already gathered┬ámany admirers. And now she has a new series of pictures about hedgehogs! Even more complex plot and photogenic models.

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A Russian guy has invented a way to increase memory of any smartphone to 2TB. Manufacturers keep this in secret so all we pay extra for more built-in memory.

To avoid copyright issues phone has been masked by the blue tape…

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All this is Russia, travel Russia

In order to see the difference of the worlds beauty it is not necessary to travel all of it. It is enough to travel through only one country … Russia.

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Oneplus one free invites

Hello there OnePlus fans!

We got some Oneplus One Invites at our disposal.

We are ready to give them away!

Check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for instructions on how to get them.

Good Luck!!!

Never Settle!


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